Support Senate Bill 727

Here’s a breakdown of why Quality Schools Coalition supports SB 727:

  1. Increase Teacher Pay - SB 727 raises the minimum teach pay from $25,000-$40,000
  2. Increased Public Schools Funding - SB 727 calculates school funding using student enrollment, as well as attendance rate, which increases overall school funding.
  3. Early Childhood Expansion - SB 727 doubles the number of publicly funded early childhood seats.
  4. Teacher Certification - SB 727 establishes an online teacher preperation and certification process for individuals who have a bachelors degree.
  5. Charter Expansion - SB 727 expands access to charters schools to Boone County.

Quality Schools Coalition

Ensuring that every student in Missouri has access to a high-quality public education.

Your Missouri Educational Advocate

Improving Our Schools Through Public Awareness And Political Action.

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Academic outcomes for K-12 students in Missouri are below national averages.

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Missouri high school graduates need better preparation for college and careers.

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Missouri’s schools see persistent achievement gaps based on race and income.

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Our Challenge

Missouri’s policy framework for K-12 education does not create the necessary conditions for our public schools to flourish. As a result, many children in Missouri lack access to high-quality public education.

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Percentage of Missouri 8th graders proficient in reading

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Percentage of Missouri 8th graders proficient in Math.

12thDown from 17th in 2009
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Missouri's national ranking in 8th grade reading proficency.

8thDown from 22th in 2009
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Missouri's national ranking in 8th grade math proficiency

$52,450Missouri Average Teacher Pay*
$66,350US Average Teacher Pay*
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Missouri ranks 46th nationally for average teacher pay*

*Source is National Center for Education Statistics, data from 2022

$11,850Missouri Annual Per Pupil Expenditures**
$14,250US Annual Per Pupil Expenditures**
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Missouri ranks 37th nationally for annual per pupil expenditures**

*Source is U.S. Census Bureau, data from 2021

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Quality Schools Coalition will Cast a New Vision For What is Possible

Quality Schools Coalition studies the challenges and successes in Missouri and other states to cast a new vision for what is possible. We are building a coalition of education partners, community advocates, and policymakers to achieve that vision: 

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Define the Problem

QSC examines data, including student performance results, to understand how Missouri is doing. Key areas of concern include academic outcomes in Missouri that are below national averages, the college and career readiness of our high school graduates, and persistent achievement gaps based on race and income.

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Identify Solutions

QSC studies policies and practices that improve student outcomes and proposes positive changes in Missouri based on this research. Our policy objectives include a stronger school accountability system that emphasizes student growth, fair and adequate funding for all students, and an expansion of public school choice so that all parents have a variety of high-quality options for their children.

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Build a Coalition

QSC works with parents, educators, community advocates, government officials and other education stakeholders to inform ourselves and our community about the current state of public education in Missouri and pathways for improvement. Together with these allies, QSC advocates for changes in public policy that will create the conditions for all of our public schools to flourish.

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QSC is Grateful to Collaborate With These and Other Organizations in Pursuit of Our Mission

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Quality Schools Coalition
Quality Schools Coalition4 days ago
It’s April Advocacy Day at the Capitol! We’ve had a busy morning meeting with #moleg about Senate Bill 727. Thanks to these parent advocates for representing Missouri families today. 📚✏️
Quality Schools Coalition
Quality Schools Coalition1 week ago
Spotlight: Alysia Lee, an inaugural member of our new Missouri Education Cohort. When asked what changes she’d like to see in the Missouri education system, she said:

“I believe students deserve settings in education that best fit their needs and interests. With larger districts, it can be difficult to find niche schools that are tailored to specific student needs. That's where the role of charters and alternative schools can support educational landscapes that lack variety and access. However, there is division between public and public charter supporters, despite the fact that all institutions have their challenges. I hope to see more unity and collaboration across educational institutions in Missouri.”

Stay tuned! We look forward to introducing you to more of our MEC members soon.
Quality Schools Coalition
Quality Schools Coalition2 weeks ago
¡tu voto es tu voz! 🗣️🗳️💪
Whether you're voting on a question or voting for school board candidates, your vote matters. Make your voice count! #votekc #votingmatters #tuvotoestuvoz

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